Partner Visa Process

Partner Visa Process

Here at Australian Partner Visa, we have designed our personalised checklists that have been based on the many partner visa applications that we have lodged over the past 12 years. You have the benefit of the years of experience that has come with the processing of such a large volume of partner visa applications, and our interactions and involvement with the immigration partner processing department.

We have lodged visa’s for people from all corners of the globe, and we are proud to say, all have been successful. Our record is perfect and we are proud of that, and not many firms that have been around as long as us, can claim that accolade, and we aim to keep our record in tack.

Broadly speaking there are 3 options for you and they shall be briefly explained as follows:

OPTION 1.  Fiancé Visa: Your Partner is Overseas

OPTION 2.  Spouse/Partner Visa

There are three options from within the married partner guidelines.
A) You got married overseas.
B) You got married here in Australia, or maybe.
C) You want to get married here.

We can lodge your partner visa either from within, or outside of Australia.

Some considerations:

OPTION 3.  De Facto Visa

De facto visas are our most common visa application.
De facto visas make up more than 87% of partner visa applications and are the hardest of the 3 partner visas to get over the line.

De facto visas have a tricky element to them as the 12-month rule is applicable. What that means is that the assessment period is the 12 month period PRIOR to the lodgement of the visa, what happens after you lodge, is not counted, UNLESS, yes there is always an unless.
Unless you have been in this industry for more than 15 years and know the ropes.


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Australian Partner Visa, helping Australian residents bring their loved ones to Australia since 2005. Based in Albury, NSW, and serving Sydney as well as other locations via online services. Our role in your visa application process is to guide you through this very exciting process, with as little hassle as possible. It’s truly fantastic, and we are assisting more and more people every year.

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