Fiancé Visa

Fiancé Visa

A fiancé visa essentially means, that at some point, further down the track, you are intending to marry your partner.

The most popular of the partner visa enquiries and makes up 80% of the partner visa applications processed. Generally speaking, this is the first visa needed to begin the partner process. A fiancé visa extension can also be very difficult to obtain, as the department requires very good reasons as to why the original wedding date is being changed.

Fiancé visas are the most common of all the partner visas. This visa is the first of a 3 stage process. The 3 stages are – fiancé visa - temporary spouse visa - permanent spouse visa.

The most elemental part of this visa is that you have met and are known to your partner, and have met them in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my partner work on the fiancé visa?

Yes they can, no problem, they have unlimited work rights on this type of visa.

Can my partner visit me whilst the fiancé visa is under processing?
When the fiancé visa is granted, how long do I have to get married?
What happens if we don’t get married?
Can I study on the fiancé visa?
Do I get Medicare on the fiancé visa?
Can't I do all this myself? Why do I need you?
5 quick steps
for a fiancé visa

1. The applicant applies for the fiancé visa.

2. The Applicant comes to Australia on the fiancé visa.

3. The Applicant then marries within 9 months of the visa being granted.

4. After marriage, the applicant applies for the partner visa subclass 820.

5. After holding the 820 visa for two years the applicant then applies for the permanent residency, 801 visa.


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