Tips, Tricks & Advice

Tips, Tricks & Advice

We will offer you professional and current advice on the best partner visa application for you and your partner.

We have developed our own client check lists based on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requirements and the infinite number of communications we have had with deciding case officers over the years.

It is crucial to make sure you have great migration representation when you apply for a partner visa to ensure your application is correct and meets all the relevant legislation appropriate to your visa.

A small mistake could mean your application is refused and with the Immigration fee at $7000, it is a costly exercise if that happens – and you don’t have your partner with you.

Police clearances

Police clearances are a requirement for all partner visas and can be one of the most difficult things to obtain. They are required for both the applicant and the sponsor to prove good character, and they you must obtain one from all countries that have been lived in during the last 10 years for 12 months or more. Importantly, the 12 months is calculated cumulatively and not consecutively. While they are not required at time of application, they are required for the grant of your visa. We suggest you don’t leave it to long to apply for your overseas police clearances due to the length of time it can take to obtain them.


Truthfulness is vitally important throughout your application process. Make sure you tell us your full Australian migration history so that we can best advise and assess your situation. Additionally, make sure you complete your Form 80 with complete honesty. False claims or documents can have a detrimental effect and can see you barred from the visa process. Showing you have good character is an important part of your visa process. If you have and past criminal history make sure you let us know.

Evidence of your relationship

Evidence of your relationship is a vital part of all partner visa applications, so it is important to keep it. You will need past evidence showing how your relationship developed, current evidence to show your relationship is genuine and ongoing, and after the visa application is lodged, you will need it show that while you have been waiting for the application to be assessed, you relationship has continued.

Tips, Tricks & Advice - Australian Partner Visa


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